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The Best Casino Entertainment

Those who want to spend their nights gambling and hitting the high life in Hollywood, Ohio need to check out the TOLDO OHIO BUNDLE. The bundle includes access to the world’s most thrilling casino nights in the heart of Hollywood, Ohio. If you are planning a night in Hollywood, Ohio, and wish to try your luck at Las Vegas-style slots, blackjack or craps, the TOLDO OHIO BUNDLE is your ticket.

The bundle includes five rooms with four televisions playing American Roulette Wheel, Power Seat Racetrack, Craps and Roulette! After every game of craps, craps chaser, roulette or power seat races, guests can party with live music and hot house drinks. Whether the casino is empty or crowded, you can be sure that TOLDO OHIO BUNDLE provides the ultimate in entertainment and enjoyment for your guests. Included in the package are champagne and wine, as well as other gift items and drinks at the bar to make sure that your guests have a night of fun, without having to leave home.

The package also provides nightly entertainment by superstar entertainers, including Johnny Carson, who had hosted guests from around the world in the past, to dance the night away in the resort’s VIP Room. You can expect a fabulous menu of appetizers, appetizer chips, soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and beverages such as t-shirts, hats, tickets to the game and a prize draw! The offer also includes a full bar and live entertainment, so you and your guests can enjoy your evening and stay up all night gambling and having fun!

A popular night of entertainment in TOLDO OHIO BUNDLE starts with famous live music, followed by the casino’s favorite specialty drinks. From 8 pm until closing, guests can be sure that the VIP Lounge hosts nightly celebrity DJ performances, featuring tunes that keep the party rocking and the guests laughing. Then, at midnight, the club hosts its nightly show by legendary artist, Jamey Johnson, who will rock the guests into the next day.

The hotel suites provide privacy, comfort and luxury. Each of the rooms offer a fully-equipped mini-bar, a comfortable bed, a comfortable pillow top mattress and plush linens, plus three outlets for cable and a telephone.

Each room includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a flat screen TV, a dining area with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and breakfast bar, a balcony for relaxing on a beautiful night, a study area with a desk and computer chair, a terrace for watching the sunset or having a drink, a balcony with electricity and access to poolside, and a private parking area. There are also a guest laundry and a 24-hour room service, which mean you can’t lose anything, even if it’s your socks! You can expect to be pampered and pampering yourself!

The guests have the option of choosing from the two different styles of bedroom, each with its own charm. The rooms are equipped with all of the modern amenities that are becoming more common in today’s high-tech world. They are furnished with plush beds, comfortable pillows, a snooze alarm, a wardrobe, shower heads, air conditioning, TV, air conditioning, DVD players, coffee makers, beds and couches, and even complimentary meals on weekdays, and the basic breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends.

So, whether you are a gambler looking for excitement, or simply someone who wants to go out on an exciting night and gamble away your money, TOLDO OHIO BUNDLE offers the best in casino entertainment. Traveling to Hollywood, Ohio is a fun experience and it will leave you wishing you had been there longer!