Celebrity Holiday Packages at The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club

The original and still the best resort hotel on the strip in the heart of the Hollywood Casino to Los Angeles is The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club. This elegant resort hotel is known as a place for fine dining and the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. There are two stunning restaurants on the property, the ToLedo OJ and the ToLedo OJ2, where you can dine with world class cuisine and service in the comfort of your own home.

hollywood casino toledo ohio buffet

Located on the resort property at ToLedo Ohio Buffet and Country Club, The OJ at ToLedo’s own restaurant will have you wanting another bite once you are done with your meal. This exciting full-service restaurant has been in operation for over 40 years and is also one of the finest in the city. Restaurants at the Los Angeles Strip are given a name by famous guests and events, like the Black Cat, which has been at ToLedo’s since 1963. Along with famous restaurants, the hotel also offers an entertainment club called The Bell House where you can catch live shows on weekends.

At The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club, there is also the award winning OZ in the Sky Restaurant that was a movie theater and home theater showroom from 1978 to 1984. It has been brought back to life as one of the premiere restaurants in the Los Angeles area. A trip to the hotel is not complete without a visit to The Starlight Cafe or The Gem Room, where you can watch a performance from the world famous Improv, as well as a chance to see local and visiting talent to perform on stage. The fantastic richly decked out restaurant has something for everyone from the gourmet to the conventional fare.

The Atrium Restaurant at the Los Angeles Strip is another fine dining establishment of the Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club. Here you can dine around the globe, with top notch dining experience. The bar can accommodate any type of cocktail you wish to try and the cuisine is exceptional for a meal around the globe.

Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club also offer one of the finest conference facilities to feature rooms with state of the art technology and ultra-modern amenities. Meeting halls are divided into smaller sections with unique design. Larger sections can be converted into smaller rooms and other floor areas can be rented out for smaller group meetings. They can offer more options than would be available at their main building at Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club.

Guests will love the comfort of their own room at The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club. Conveniently located at the top of the strip, guests can make use of the residential front door, get off the shuttle bus or train and take the stairs to get to their hotel. There is also easy access to The Strip, Coronado’s Park Inn, The Gold Coast, Balboa Park and much more.

A vacation at the Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club is an excellent getaway where you can unwind after a long day and relax. The contemporary design features contemporary furnishings, and the air conditioning and quality of the air will help you to relax and recharge the batteries, while the dining rooms at The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club will provide the same air-conditioned comfort, but maybe better, so enjoy all you can at your holiday at the resort!

The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club are a great choice for a holiday with family and friends. The highly trained staff at the resort provides one of the best customer services and the activities at The Toledo Ohio Buffet and Country Club are all carefully planned to make your holiday a memorable one. Pick up your ticket today to spend some quality time with family and friends and relax!